The Project


Brianna Donaldson
As Director of Special Projects at the American Institute of Mathematics, Brianna Donaldson works to broaden participation in mathematics and encourage collaboration. She holds a PhD in cognitive psychology from Indiana University.
Cindy Lawrence
Cindy Lawrence is a lifelong mathematics enthusiast who currently serves as Executive Director of the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), America’s only museum of mathematics. She works to change public perceptions of mathematics and to improve the way youth are educated in mathematics.
Derarca Lynch
Derarca Lynch has taught mathematics in International Baccalaureate programs around the world for the last 10 years. She holds a MSc in mathematics and is passionate about teaching and her research on effective strategies in the mathematics classroom.
James Tanton
Believing that mathematics really is accessible to all, James Tanton (PhD, Mathematics, Princeton 1994) is committed to sharing the delight and the beauty of the subject. James currently serves as the Mathematician-at-Large for the Mathematical Association of America. He is in demand all over the world for his teacher and student workshops.
Jill Diniz
Jill Diniz is an ardent advocate of human progress. She currently serves as Director of Mathematics Curriculum at Great Minds. She enjoys working with students of all ages to connect them with the joy and relevance of math.
Raj Shah
After earning his PhD in physics, Raj Shah worked at Intel for 9 years. He left the corporate world to found Math Plus Academy, a center that spreads the love of mathematics by encouraging kids to engage in creative problem solving and constructive play.
Travis Sperry
Travis Sperry earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Otterbein University in 2012. He is the Director of Information Technology for Math Plus Academy, where he works every day to create innovative ways to help teachers deliver amazing mathematics content and inspire students.