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The Global Math Week event is at our doors! We want to make sure that our AMAZING AMBASSADORS have access to all resources they need to actively promote Global Math Week. Let’s reach our 1 Million students, teachers, and adults! Please share the pieces in this kit with all the teachers, leaders, and influencers you know!

The four steps to follow to participate in Global Math Week.

This image is great to share to let people know how easy it is to participate.

The Global Math Week page is

This is where to send people to register and to learn about Global Math Week.

Here are some sample passages you could submit to teacher organizations for print.

A two sentence burst:

Global Math Week is October 10-17, 2017. Join ONE MILLION students, teachers, and math leaders from around the world in an astounding shared mathematical experience! See for more.

A slightly longer passage to share:

Please join us for the Biggest Global Math Community Event, GLOBAL MATH WEEK. To date, math teachers and leaders from 80 countries and territories have pledged to work with over 250,000 students during Global Math Week, Oct 10 – 17. The topic… Exploding Dots!

Exploding Dots is the name of an astounding mathematical story that starts at the very beginning of mathematics – it assumes nothing! – and swiftly takes you a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, high-school polynomials algebra, infinite sums, and advanced mathematics. It all feels like playing a game!

All you have to do is register here: We provide teaching guidelines for you to do as little or as much as you would like. Please find them here: It is important for you to register as we would like your city and your country to light up in the map of communities participating in the event. Have you and your students count! More and more countries are being added as weeks go by.

A longer piece still that gets more into the Global Math Project


The Global Math Project aims to connect millions of students around the world through shared experiences of mathematics. For the past year, a leadership team of seven math professionals, together with a worldwide network of ambassadors and partners, has been laying the groundwork for the inaugural Global Math Week, which will launch on 10.10.2017.

Our ultimate goal is bold and audacious. We want to generate a fundamental paradigm shift as to how the world perceives and enjoys mathematics. We want each and every person on this planet to see mathematics as human, relevant, meaningful, creative, uplifting, and joyful. We will show how the play and wonder of mathematics transcends borders and unites communities.

We are simply asking teachers, math club and Math Circle leaders, and other educators and math outreach specialists to conduct one short experience with students on our chosen topic for 2017, Exploding Dots, and to share that experience with the world in some way, most typically through social media (#gmw2017 and #explodingdots).

We are providing all the teaching guides, lesson videos, PDF written materials, and an interactive web app. Teachers and leaders can use full, minimal, or no technology in the classroom. One can learn about Exploding Dots by visiting our page It is direct, classroom-relevant content.

The community supporting our inaugural Global Math Week 2017 is already strong. We have more than 300 ambassadors from over 60 countries helping to spread the word and thousands of teachers from 80 countries have registered to participate, pledging to do joyous, uplifting mathematics during Global Math Week with over 250,000 students. It is global phenomenon! And we are proud to have an impressive number of notable partner organizations supporting our efforts as well. Our goal for this first year is to reach one million students.

We are truly honored to be working with such a fine, growing community of math leaders and partners equally dedicated to sharing joyful, uplifting mathematics with the world.

For further information, see the FAQs at Please join us in the global experience of Global Math Week 2017.

In a Nutshell: Join ONE MILLION students, teachers, math leaders, and adults from around the world in an astounding shared mathematical experience!

Global Math Week: October 10 – 17, 2017.
Information and Registration:

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Let people know that we have Teaching Guides!

In particular, let people know that it is possible to conduct a great experience with students in just 15 minutes or so. (There’s a Teacher’s Guide for this and this recorded webinar shows how too, in real time!

Let people know where they can learn about Exploding Dots for themselves.

James Tanton’s site has video and text, or watch a lecture here

Let people know we have all the entire Exploding Dots text translated into multiple languages.

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