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“… this makes me WANT to teach algebra!”

Kristin K.

“Exploding dots has changed my mind, and thus my life! Thank you sir!”

John G.

“I am still amazed by this. Exploding Dots has changed my fifth grade class forever!”

Jo Anna F.

“I shout from my seat: “YES!” Hands up in the air in triumph! Decades of believing I couldn’t do math—poof! Exploded!”

Jennifer P.

“I never questioned how backwards my math education was … and then, all of the sudden, all these magical light bulbs started going off in my head, kind of like the exploding dots going off on the board.””

Arjun H.

From One Community To The Next


Theatre Professor Lance G. does Polynomial Division.


Kiran Bacche discovers new ways to play with dots.


Darius does polynomial division with dots and boxes while kitty helps.


Goldfish and Robyn explain the 1 ← 2 machine.


Exploding Dots in Romania.


Exploding Dots in Romania again!


From a university senior.



Community Videos

Ambassador Math With Matthew
Ambassador Manuela Prajea
GI Dursun from Turkey
Goldfish & Robyn and Friends

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Demonstrating the 1 ←3 machine: Video

Explaining the machines: Video

Explaining addition in the machines: Video

Explaining multiplication in the machines: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Dots and antidots: Video

Explaining subtraction in the machines: Video

Explaining polynomials division: Video

The 2 ←3 machine: Video

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