December 2015 Update

As you well know we’ve launched our fledgling website – you’ve been on it – and so have hundreds of other folks! We are thrilled that you found us!

Question: Can you help others find us too?

Maybe a shareable, wordless puzzle in the spirit of revealing mathematics as uncluttered and joyful would be a good start. Try out this puzzle and share it with your friends!

Credit: MacGregor Campbell @mainsequence

The puzzle here is to figure out what the puzzle is and then answer it – with as much explanation and thinking and joy that suits your curiosity and satisfaction. We’ll provide our thoughts in the next blog post. (Want an email reminder when we post a solution? Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.)

Have fun and share the puzzle with others! Many others! Many many many others!

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James Tanton’s Take on Today’s Puzzle

Parents often ask me (James) what they can do to help their youngster develop their creative mathematical skills. In all seriousness I respond: “Paint a 5-by-5 grid of squares on your child’s ceiling and say nothing!”

tin ceilingI grew up with such a grid on my bedroom ceiling. My childhood home was an old Victorian house in Adelaide, Australia, and each room had a pressed-tin ceiling as was popular in past days. The pattern on the one in my room was just such a grid of squares. And every night I stared at that ceiling making up puzzles for myself. I counted squares. I counted rectangles. I looked at diagonals. But there was one challenge I made up for myself that I truly believe really made me a mathematician. That is the wordless puzzle above!

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