GMP visits Belgrade and Bombay!

This past January, James Tanton, co-founder of the Global Math Project, traveled to Serbia and India to continue promoting uplifting mathematics for all. There is no doubt in his mind that joyous mathematical thinking transcends borders, connects cultures, and unites.

Despite the cold sleety weather out on the streets of Belgrade, national Serbian TV asked James to talk about the mathematics he sees in the world, to explain why mathematics is fundamentally a human subject, and to share his own personal story of what drew him to the subject. This followed his talk “How many degrees are in a Martian circle? And other human – and nonhuman – questions students and teachers should ask” at the Institute of Mathematics in Belgrade. James also presented Exploding Dots, the rollout topic for GMW2017, at primary- and high-schools all across Belgrade. Although this is James’ second visit to Belgrade, the delight and demand for Exploding Dots goes unabated. Seeing joyful mathematics shine in its true uncluttered light just makes the soul sing!

Next, hot and humid Bombay. James was invited to visit the Aditya Birla World Academy, to help host a big Math Infinity event for students and teachers from 24 schools all across the nation and to share the world of Exploding Dots with one and all. It was a smashing success. Young students, older students, math teachers, non-math teachers and administrators were all enthralled by the magic of those dots. James gave a total of seven sessions on the topic, with the seventh one being a last-minute two-hour event hastily organized for parents the night he was leaving. Parents insisted on seeing too the mathematical excitement their children were telling them about. What endorsement!

The GMP team just cannot wait for 10.10.2017 when we share Exploding Dots with the entire world. Uplifting mathematics for all!

p.s. And, of course, the International Math Salute made its way to both Belgrade and Bombay too.

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