It’s official! The date October 10, 2017 is the start of Global Math Week for the year 2017.

And the topic of our first annual Global Math Week is… Exploding Dots!


April – October 2017

Global Math Week Sign Up! Teachers and their students, community groups, and individuals from all walks of life across the globe, sign up to participate in Global Math Week 2017.

October 10 – 17, 2017

Global Math Week 2017! Registered teachers and their students simply view and discuss a compelling mathematics video, and share their experiences in the world-wide discussion that follows.

We will use no more than the mathematics all adults have experienced and students experience every day in school.


Here’s an animation of a simple machine, a 1 < -- 2 machine, that simply explodes dots two at a time. Would you believe that this simple machine can explain place-value, school arithmetic algorithms, high-school algebra, and so much more in one simple fell-swoop?

For more on Exploding Dots see


Nothing will go away!

Not only do we release the first compelling mathematics video during that special week, we shall also release a full suite of follow-on materials exploring the complete Exploding Dots story. The videos, downloadable materials, and web applications will be available, for free, in perpetuity. The joyous and transformative impact of Exploding Dots will thus last a lifetime.

And then in 2018, we repeat, with a brand new topic!


The Global Math Project is a community enterprise – we are relying on your support to make Global Math Week 2017 happen! We welcome gifts of products, services, time, resources or finances. Here’s how your support can make a difference for Global Math Week 2017 (GMW17):

Global Math Week 1.0 — With a shoestring budget and the kind donation of some key services…

  • We release Math Without Words animations on social media to advertise GMW17 and drum up excitement for it
  • We send a welcome orienting each registrant to GMW17 events
  • We produce a low-budget video introducing the GMW17 topic, Exploding Dots
  • We release a teacher’s guide to follow up on the video.

Global Math Week 2.0 — Funding: 125,000 USD

  • Global Math Week 1.0 with:
  • Social media and advertising campaigns
  • Prizes valued at $10 each for the first 500 teachers who register their classes
  • Posters for the first 500 school sites that register one or more classes
  • A professional video introducing Exploding Dots

Global Math Week 3.0 — Funding: 1,250,000 USD

  • Global Math Week 2.0 with:
  • Prizes valued at $10 each for all teachers who register their classes
  • Posters for all school sites that register one or more classes
  • A $10,000 raffle for all schools that register their entire student body
  • Full suite of online tools and applications to explore Exploding Dots

Click here to see how you can get involved.