Other Ways To Play


Two young gentlemen, David Park and JungHwan Min, with the support of the Wolfram offices, have created Exploding Dots resource notebooks for the entire WPL community to enjoy! So … Enjoy!

Note: Each notebook contains a significant amount of code and the initial rendering will take a minute or so (notice the blue progress bar). The fun begins in the “Examples and Demonstrations” sections.
Wolfram Experience #1: Davin Park
Wolfram Experience #2: JungHwan Min

About The Creators

Davin Park is a senior at Marriotts Ridge High School in Maryland. He has a strong interest in math and computer science. He often participates in various math and computer science competitions such as the AIME and the USACO. In his free time, Davin likes to play sports with his friends and build with legos. Davin is an alumnus of the Wolfram Summer Camp for High School Students. He created this resource notebook for the Global Math Project, implementing Exploding Dots the Wolfram way.

JungHwan Min is a student at Carnegie Mellon University. Math is his favorite subject, and Min enjoys solving complex math problems and puzzles. He led his high school’s Math Club and enjoyed his attempts to proselytize Mathematics. Min is an alumbus of the Wolfram Summer Camp for high school students, and his knowledge of Wolfram Language and love for Mathematics led him to the Global Math Project, writing code to simulate Exploding Dots.


Geogebra has created a notebook on the topic of Exploding Dots with some sample applets. They invite the entire GeoGebra community to fill this notebook with all the different, fun Exploding Dots applets folk can create. Let’s have this notebook explode with content!

Geogebra Experience

One on Epsilon

One on Epsilon has created a FREE app download to sort through the plethora of mathematical content on the web with absolute ease to find top quality curated videos, applets, and games on most any mathematical topic. And you can learn about Exploding Dots with the app too – there is a special Global Math Project channel!

One on Epsilon Experience


Piles & Holes. Dots & Antidots. Whatever you call them, Cashtivity has created an interactive whole-class technology experience to explore and deeply understand this delightful – and important! – part of the Exploding Dots story. Their web app is free to the world!

Cashtivity Experience

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival – Hong Kong

The team for the Julia Robinson Math Festival in Hong Kong has created an app delivering deep interesting mathematics problem-stories, including a special problem for introducing Exploding Dots!

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Experience

Digital Place Value Chart

Prof. Ulrich Kortenkamp Universität Potsdam, has made is dynamic Place Value Chart app free to the world in celebration of Global Math Week. It’s spectacular! He has a teacher’s quide to his app available too.

Prof. Ulrich Kortenkamp’s Place Value Chart


To celebrate Global Math Week, Matific is opening its web-doors to all who want to explore their innovative teaching materials on the topics of place-value, bases, and base-ten arithmetic, all for the early grades. Entire K-12 schools can participate in story and power of place-value!

Matific Experience