Let’s get started!

Our first week and the beginning of The Global Math Project was inspirational and energizing!

Day One

We kicked off the week with a demonstration of Exploding Dots. After recording the demonstration that was to be broadcast to students across San Jose later that week we got down to business. It was time to find out exactly what it was that we were there to do. We needed to find a name and one that would encapsulate everything that we stood for and wanted to do. This wasn’t an easy task. The boards of American Institute of Mathematics’ conference room was filled with tons of great names. By the end of the day we were set on ‘The Joyful Math Project’. We vowed to let that stew for the evening and would reconsider in the morning. We continued to outline what our project would include and worked hard to nail down exactly how we would help to bring the world together for an uplifting mathematical experience. One thing was for sure, we were convinced that the stigma associated with mathematics wasn’t unique to one individual or one geographic region. We wanted to change the majority’s perspective on mathematics. The force driving that change was us and the vehicle was to be Exploding Dots.

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