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The Global Math Project

Uplifting Mathematics for All

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The Global Math Project is an invitation to students, teachers, and communities everywhere to actively foster their sense of wonder and to enjoy truly uplifting mathematics.

Math is a human endeavor: It’s about thinking creatively, exploring patterns, explaining structure, and solving real problems. The Global Math Project will share a unifying, joyful experience of mathematics with people all across the world.


The Global Math Project aims to reach and thrill 1 million students, teachers, and adults with an engaging piece of mathematics during one special week in 2017; to have our reach grow significantly each year; and to initiate a fundamental paradigm shift as to how the world perceives and enjoys mathematics.


The Global Math Team will build a series of synchronized, annual online global events – Global Math Weeks. Teachers and their students, community groups, and individuals from all walks of life across the globe will sign up to view a mathematics video. This first video experience will be based on work already proven to foster excitement, intense lively discussion, and an irresistible desire to explore more. During Global Math Week, free, comprehensive follow-on materials will be released online. We use no more than the mathematics all adults have experienced, and students experience every day in school.

Our first rollout experience will be “Exploding Dots,” a mathematical idea already sparking awe and wonder in schools and communities across the globe. Students and teachers alike describe it as: “Simply mind blowing!” (See http://gdaymath.com/courses/exploding-dots/.)


We are seeking 1 million USD in funding to reach 1 million students in 2017 with the Exploding Dots event – just one single dollar per student.


We will use the following metrics to measure our success: the number of people who sign up for Global Math Week in different parts of the world; the number of classes that view the first video, download the related materials, and play with the interactive applet; the number of people who view an additional video; and the number of people who watch all the videos and earn their “Global Math Ambassador” certificate, pledging to spread the word. We will review surveys and analyze net promoter scores. And we will listen for the buzz: Is the whole world talking about Exploding Dots?

Our Team

The Global Math Project is a collaboration among math professionals from around the world. Spearheaded by popular speaker, author, and mathematician James Tanton, partner organizations include the American Institute of Mathematics, GDayMath.com, Math Plus Academy, and the National Museum of Mathematics.

Our work relies on the generosity of funders who believe in education and mathematics as building blocks of a successful and prosperous society, and thereby share the desire to change the global perception of mathematics and its accessibility for all.

We are hosted by the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing mathematics research and education through collaborative problem solving.