Maths Week Ireland 2016

james_photo It was MATHS WEEK in Ireland and Northern Ireland last October (the 16th to the 23rd) and mathematicians and math enthusiasts from across the globe came to share their own joyous takes on mathematics thinking and doing with students across the Emerald Isle. And this included GMP’s very own James Tanton.

James traveled to Dublin, Derry, Armagh, and Belfast, and worked with children of all ages to engage in uplifting, joyful mathematics. One highlight was sharing the wonders of Exploding Dots with close to 1000 students at the Royal Dublin Society. This event even made the Irish Times!

GMP: Irish Times (To learn more about Irish Maths Week, founded by Eoin Gill and Sheila Donegan, visit They reached over a quarter of a million students during those special eight days. Woohoo!)

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